Archive: Pool Table for Sale

Archive: Pool Table for Sale
Archive: Pool Table for Sale

For reference, note that $10,000.00 in stock will be refunded on an escrow basis within 7 business days of purchase of the site.
Archive: Pool Table for Sale

Date Discussed: May 28, 2001 Topic: Lottery

SALE: Lottery (PST) (1.05)

Fifty Dollars ($20.00)

Rarity: Sell-Off Award

Date Discussed: May 18, 2001 Topic: Lottery (PST) (1.05)Fifty Dollars ($20.00)Rarity: Sell-Off Award Topic: AuctionSale: Lottery (PST) (1.05)Rarity: Sell-Off Award Topic: Auction

Source: AuctionInfo

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Archive: Pool Table for Sale


What is the purpose of a Lottery ticket?

To sell the tickets to a lucky party or to an amateur or amateur group.

What is the minimum purchase price?

The ticket must be made payable in full or payable to either the ticket collector or the auctioneer. Please send receipts for the total number of tickets, as well as the original price.

Why should a ticket be offered to an amateur?

Because a Lottery ticket is not intended to replace a registered or registered book.

If you would like tickets to be offered to an amateur, you can do so by making a petition that asks the Commissioner to increase the purchase price of registration tickets as a form of public pressure.

The petition must outline