Muscletech Brand in Nigeria

Muscletech Brand in Nigeria
Muscletech Brand in Nigeria

By Brian Dyer – News Staff

It’s been a mixed bag for Nike in Nigeria. The company has been accused of selling off Nigeria’s oil-consuming industries and, in the process, setting up a manufacturing operation that has yet to produce.

Nike admitted that its Nigerian operation, including the factories, was based on the country’s poor infrastructure and inadequate communication systems to protect jobs and reduce injuries. The company also admitted to working on a training program that would be part of a new US-based research and development center, which is being built in Kinshasa to train young Nigerian engineers.

According to a document given to the International Union for the Co-operative Industries in August and cited by The Telegraph, Nike, or Nigeria Development, is the organization who hired the former US assistant secretary of state, Bob Mercer to run the US-based consulting and contracting organization in 2007. Mercer’s company, Nike Capital Group, operated the “Global Training Program” in the city of Ururo after working for “Nike and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),” according to a letter obtained by the Telegraph.

The organization’s main mission – “building local and promoting commerce between Nigerian people and the international community” – has been a source of considerable controversy.

In 2008, former U.S. assistant secretary of state for trade and investment, Tom Condon complained to a congressional body: ”
Muscletech Brand in Nigeria on a technicality)

The “I Want Your Heart To Be Strong” campaign offers a special shout outs to the Nigerian National Rugby Association.
“We’re glad the Nigerian National Rugby Association has launched a campaign in Nigeria to show more passion for their sport, we hope you’ll join us in that effort,” read a statement from The Rugby Campaign.

The Campaign is a three-pronged approach.

1) To educate the public about the sport and encourage them to consider the merits of the sport in terms of sport.

2) To share the public’s positive outlook of what’s good, good for society.

3) To be inspired by the games and stories of these great nations.

The Sports Research Institute of Nijmegen has been a part of Nigeria since 2011.

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