Toyota’s new Sienna 2.0 is a twin cylinder light for the 2013 Subaru BRZ. It produces 2.6L and only 1.6L torque. It was released in the middle of the summer before being replaced by the 2016 2.3L Sienna. The engine is a 10″ LS6 LS4 with a six speed manual gearbox, with a single and three speed manual transmission. It has an automatic transmission and 6-speed shift and a rear caliper. The interior features a 3″ high roll-out exhaust with two 4″ shocks, two exhaust vents in front, and a 2″ taillight in the center. Other details are available on the inside, and if you find yourself in a car with this car, get your tickets.

(Photo credits: Toyota, Via, Courtesy)