2008 dodge charger

2008 dodge charger
2008 dodge charger
Cost, I have no idea. I think in the city 15-16, because I drive briskly, but competently. Zero repairs. I knock on the head so as not to jinx it. I checked the history of warranty claims on Chrysler – clean. Nothing but oil. “Consumables”, a couple of light bulbs. From my personal incidents, the fuse on the lighter blew out, I replaced the light bulb in the rear “foot”. I changed the pads in a circle to ceramics, as I put the 20th wheels against the 18th factory ones, and they are quite heavy. All the same, the wheel arches were not filled, but aesthetically it became better. While driving, the behavior did not change much, it became better on bumps thanks to wide boots.
Pros: design, quality of the machine as a whole.
Disadvantages: uninformative instrument panel.
Dodge Charger SXT 3.5 L. Produced in May 2006 in Canada for the UAE. The length of the car is an impressive 5.08 m. The curb weight reaches 1.85 tons. Getting into the cabin, you expect aggressiveness and brutality. But the interior of the Dodge Charger is a little disappointing. The plastic is oak, the equipment is poorer than in analogues, the ceiling could be higher. There is a signature American chopped militaristic style, white instrument dials. The backlight is strictly green, as has been customary for centuries. We start the engine, close the door. The level of sound insulation is at a good level. We twist the massive handles of the air conditioner, set up the music. It blows cool, but you don’t freeze. Music is average. In principle, not bad for basic speakers. There are only 4 of them, but each is the size of a large watermelon. The trunk of the Dodge Charger is roomy enough, but not the standard in the class. In the back row of seats freely and comfortably. True, of the entertainment, only cooling deflectors and an armrest with cup holders. Surprised by the lack of handles on the ceiling for the front passenger. Very debatable. Transmission – automatic 5-speed with manual shift. We move the lever to D, we go. On the go Charger is very soft and free. The steering wheel turns easily and naturally. Under the hood is an old 3.5-liter SOHC V6. Such engines appeared in the early 90s. Over time, only the shape of the intake manifold has changed, and the diameter and stroke of the pistons. The block head is aluminum. Acceleration is smooth, no spark. At low revs
Dodge Charger just rides, comes alive closer to 4000 and provides additional acceleration. After 100 km / h, it can give odds to many due to volume, but in urban conditions you don’t feel like a Schumacher. However, there is always a margin under the right foot. 253 HP and 339 Nm make themselves felt. Chassis and automatic transmission – variations on the theme of the Mercedes W211. It is understandable – there is only one concern (at that time) – DaimlerChrysler. The suspension is soft. In corners, there are noticeable rolls, the machine handles bumps relatively gently, although the transverse joints are given with hard knocks. Dodge Charger is rear-wheel drive, which creates some difficulties in winter. On the other hand, it can be fun to start the car into a skid with the stabilization system turned off. The steering wheel is not very sensitive and has a rather thick rim. The main value in this car — it’s style and charisma.
Pros: comfort. Smooth running. Noise isolation. Engine.
Cons: The interior is rustic.
He got behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger in April 2012 after a six-month wait. Bought from a dealer in the USA. Before that, I drove a Ford Mustang in 2005. Terribly tired of the constant snowdrifts and our winter roads. For this reason, firmly decided to take the SUV. I opted for the Dodge Ram 1500. I went through all the auctions in search of a suitable one, I already wanted to take it, but then I noticed a Dodge Charger, approximately in the same price category. I understood that this was not what I was looking for, but, nevertheless, he hooked me very tightly with both the exterior and the interior. I did not expect such a salon from the Americans. There is even an unnecessary heating and cooling cup holders. Well, after a long and painful torment chose him, and did not regret it. 3.6 liters, 298 horses, 2 tons of weight, 4 doors, which is important. To get into the Mustang, four of us had to sweat, and a person could feel comfortable in the back, no higher than 170 cm. And here everything is like with people. A 10-inch monitor with a bunch of features that do not work in Russia, such as navigation and satellite radio, an Alpine audio system, heated all seats, 18 discs, etc. In general, I think that the Americans have stepped forward. The engine is quite economical, with economical fuel consumption during a quiet ride. summer came out 14 liters per hundred. in winter – 18. For me, a very important factor is the rarity of cars on our roads. Of course, the Dodge Charger is not a mustang, not so aggressive, not so loud, but that’s just its flavor. It’s a mix of muscle car and
executive car. Those. if you want to speed up, no problem, sports car. Do you want to go quietly – for God’s sake. Soft suspension comfortable interior and responsive steering wheel will give you this opportunity. For a year away, I met only one such, however, SRT. In general, I am very pleased with the car, although the main problem remains – rear-wheel drive. Three times he pushed out of the snowdrifts, and how many times he skidded – do not count.
Advantages: economical and powerful motor. Equipment. Comfort.
Disadvantages: rear-wheel drive in winter. https://cars45et.com/listing/dodge/charger/2008
The first car with the name Dodge Charger was released by Chrysler back in 1964. The closest competitors for the Dodge Charger in 1966 were the Plymouth Barracuda and the Ford Mustang. Modern versions of the Dodge Charger begin in 2005, when a five-seat rear-wheel drive sedan based on the LX platform from the Chrysler 300 was released. Cars roll off the assembly line at the Chrysler plant in Brampton, Canada.
The interior of the Dodge Charger is very close to the interior of the Dodge Magnum. In 2005, a Dodge Charger SRT-8 appeared in New York, which had the most powerful Chrysler engine – Hemi V8, 6.1, 432 hp. The Dodge Charger Super Bee, released in a small batch, differs from the SRT-8 version in a body that has a yellow color with black stripes. In 2010, a restyled version of the Dodge Charger model was released.